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The intention of every investor (builder) is to build a quality house with regard to the effort and financial burden. And, of course, the future of caring for the house. No investor and later the owner of a new building can overlook the important fact that the house needs to be taken care of. The better the construction will be prepared at the beginning, both in terms of well-prepared project documentation and the selection of suitable building materials, the type of construction, quality and proven contractor and the quality of construction itself, and subsequently, during construction, the more reflected in subsequent maintenance and especially in the operation of the building itself.

The Internet today is full of good advice for potential builders. Whoever gets the job will find instructions for everything. Over the years, as we meet with clients (they are people from different fields, IT managers, doctors, business people, government employees ...), we have repeatedly found that clients come charged with the vast amount of information and knowledge they have gained from the Internet and then from the personal experiences of his friends and acquaintances.

This information is valuable and cannot be omitted or omitted, however, let us not underestimate the experience of experts and professionals in the field. The layman, despite his efforts, does not always choose the right one, does not realize the context and continuity of technology, which often leads to erroneous decisions. Every client/builder is professionally advanced in their work and if, even with enthusiasm and enthusiasm, he throws himself into such a difficult and technically demanding area as building a house, believe us from experience that the results of self-help constructions are in some cases really sad and sometimes also life-threatening!

We are also aware of this when we meet clients and representatives of construction companies in general. One of the last opportunities that brought us to the mainline of this article was the trade fair, which we attended as technical supervision of buildings recommended by ADMD. It was the "Stavotech, Building and Technical Fair" in Olomouc organized by OMNIS Olomouc a.s. We were pleased with the interest of clients and the growing number of future builders who ask, are interested in details about the possibility of building wooden buildings both in terms of technology and financial costs and are much more aware, and we would emphasize that careful and thorough preparation of their investment plan will return richly.

If the builder does not neglect the preparation of the construction and consults the intention in advance with experts in the field, he will allow time for preparation, it is a guarantee that the planned construction will turn out well, both within the time schedule and in terms of finances. Let us not underestimate the advice of an expert at the stage of the "first thought" of the house. Quite often in meetings with clients we meet that they come at a certain stage of construction, they seek a helping hand at the moment when they do not know the advice and an obstacle has arisen, and we then come to a closer look at the situation and the chosen procedure and technology. that the chosen variant is or was unsuitable and it brings with it both increased financial costs, time loss, and in certain cases to a certain extent a discount on the expected comfort of living. And that's a pity. Most investors throw themselves into construction once in a lifetime and their house is their realized dream. We prefer a satisfied client and we do not like these concessions and compromises. It is always possible to find a suitable solution.

In conclusion, "good advice over gold": Go firmly to your goal and do not be afraid of experts, it pays off.


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